Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekly Sannin Bouken Mail

This week we visited a million potential investigators and there were only a few that were home, so we didn't see a lot of success, but it was necessary to go through and see who we can teach.

Yesterday Elder Moe, one of the four missionaries in Nakatsu, went to the main city for training so Elder Malaska, Powell and I were a sannin for the day. We rode out an hour and a bit to a member's brother's house but his Mother answered and said he wasn't home, so we called the brother (Kai Kyodai, best member around) and he was like "wait you're at my house? I'll be right there" and he came from work, checked inside and said it looks like he didn't want to talk to us. But then Kai Kyodai said there's a cafe up the street with someone who likes missionaries or something (whatever he said we didn't understand it very well) so we went up to this building that was a elementary school 100 years ago, and talked to the lady there, Elder Malaska bought a $6 hot chocolate, then we went housing and no one was home, rode back to Nakatsu, and that was our day.

Good Japan adventures. Photos are from out sannin adventures and from the famous genkan-meals with Mitsuko Shimai.

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