Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Ya'll Haters Is Done Mail

Someone give me a beat, I'm gonna drop this miracle,

So Rieko Shimai, a recent convert from last year, has a young family with two little girls, but for the longest time her husband has been quite against the Church to the point that a few months ago we were careful about contacting her, because we were worried about her husband.

We had a dinner all together last month, and her husband came, and he really connected with Elder Wheatley! He, Takayoshi his name is, was faced with a decision at work that humbled him. One day he came out of an argument with his boss and saw us riding past his work, he waved, and what we found out later was that at that time he thought to himself that he wanted to meet us again. So last week we went over to their place for dinner, he came down to welcome us at the bikes, and during the evening he said recently he has felt that family prayer is an important thing... despite never having done it, or ever wanting to!

Flash forward to now, he has been talking to his wife and he wants to not only meet us again, but wants to hear the missionary lessons. His heart is changing, and it has been a huge testimony builder that the Lord sends us where we need to be, because this change of heart has started to happen both as Elder Wheatley was transferred here, and as the Lord has put certain things in his life for him to humble himself.

It doesn't sound that spectacular, but it is a huge miracle. We have an appointment this week, it's so exciting to be a part of this! Also Umeda has a baptismal date for October 18 but she wasn't sure if she could meet that date, but we will be meeting tomorrow, so there's a cliffhanger for you!

Photos: 1) Elder Just and I bought these sweet gold snapbacks

2) Got some new suteki photos for my wall, what better way to show them off than to pose with my decent sized Kumamon fan and yanki swag?

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