Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weekly Baptism Mail

Let me tell you a little story.

On Ishigaki, my first area, I was transfered just a few weeks before our investigator Nakamichi was baptized, but I wasn't annoyed or disappointed in any way because I knew it was right for me, so I continued singing 'I'll go where you want me to go,' and during my first week in Nobeoka (in June) I saw an awesome miracle! An Eikaiwa student, Umeda Nozomi, came up to me and asked if we had a Church website where she could learn about the Church. Ever since then we have been teaching her, and she has gained a lot of faith.

Through her desire to learn and know, love of the Book of Mormon, countless prayers, hard work on not only her part but of the part of many members and missionaries, and many, many miracles and tender mercies from the Lord, she was able to overcome what was holding her back from just taking that extra step of faith and this weekend... she was baptized.

Elder Wheatley baptized her and I confirmed her the next day, and I have been just extactic. The Spirit was so strong at all her meetings leading up to her baptisimal service, at the service itself and at Church the next day. She even bore her testimony and shared her conversion story at her baptismal service.

The miracle of a mission!

This week was transfer calls, and all four of us are staying here in Nobeoka - this will be my fourth. I will be transfer 7, gettin' old ;)

Mata ne

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