Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekly Beach Life Mail

We went to the beach last P-Day and we liked it so much that we went back twice! Once a few mornings later for the sunrise and to play frisbee, and again later in the week, but it was just before a typhoon came so it was crazy windy and I nearly got blown into Oz.

Oh yeah so I guess another typhoon came. We went outside to see if it would work if we shampoo'd our hair in the typhoon rain but the rain stopped.

It's all coming together with our investigator Umeda! his past weekend she fasted to recognise an answer from Heavenly Father that this Church is true, and she came to the full 3 hour program for the first time in two months (this was her 7th time to church in a row). Tonight we will meet her and will extend to her a baptisimal invite, to be baptised on October 18! I'm so excited.
I've really gained a lot of love for her, and a long with that, our other investigators. I've learnt patience and in helping her become more Christlike and to look towards God, I have realised that I have done those two things myself!
The miracle of a mission!

Also this older man called Miyawaki has come to Church three weeks in a row, and he read a Liahona from cover to cover so we started teaching him.. and he is pretty funny. But I can hardly understand him, and he thinks I can. That makes for some interesting moments, actually.

Heard some great news from home, particularly about UYC. Send me more photos onegaishimasu.

P.S. No we didn't go swimming at the beach

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