Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekly Fully Sick Mail

I was sick so I got straight pera from studying Kanji all day. Had two companion exchanges that were way fun though. Probably got a lot of people sick from it.

Speaking of sick, Motoko-San dropped us because her sickness is back and because of it she doesn't think she can come to Church after her previously scheduled Baptism, it was pretty disappointing but we left a note for 3 months later for future missionaries to go visit her. I can't imagine her forgetting the experiences she's had with the Book of Mormon, with prayer or with Church so I will continue to pray for her, but there's only so much you can do for someone.

We have a bunch of other investigators that the members are all about helping and serving, the Okinawan members' examples are some of the things from my mission I hope to emulate and never forget. Very grateful.

Planes and jets from the Military base have been going off all day every day and I don't watch the news nor can I read Newspaper-level-Japanese (don't even get me started) but is World War
3 going on or something?

I didn't take any photos this week so I took a photo with my companion just now. He is good. I didn't blink.

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