Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekly 焦げた Brownies Mail

Eventful week! We held a Zone Training Meeting and it was the most fun I'd had with one yet. Our Transfer theme is "Become Missionaries Trusted by God."
We have a pretty big teaching pool - all Japanese investigators, with a few Baptisimal dates we are helping people working towards.
Motoko-San, who we have been meeting for about a month now, quit smoking and shared an experience she had when reading the Book of Mormon that brought her to tears. I wish you could all meet her and everyone else here, I really love the Okinawan people.
Companion exchanges, general conference, lots of lessons, just overall I'm really happy to be doing this right now. It's strange how little I think of myself, I'm constantly finding myself thinking about nothing but our investigators and members. Not perfect yet though - how many missionaries does it take to make a tray of brownies for the awesome members who do so much to help our investigators? Four, but it still gets over-baked. It's the thought that counts though, right?

Photos: Ginowan Zone, and some good statues (minutes before our haircut, I swear I'm not a hooligan)

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