Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weekly Gunjin Mail

Tim was baptized last week! Super spiritual experience, I was just filled with peace and confidence in the Gospel the whole evening. His phone died so we couldn't contact him all day which caused a little bit of a worry, but overall it was another incredible experience that I will never forget.
We went to Missionary Leader Council (MLC) in Fukuoka with the other Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, APs and President and Sister Egan, and I translated the 7 hour event which was a lot of fun. My faith really increased that day, through feeling the Spirit and committing to apply what I heard (and then said into a tiny little microphone). Heavenly Father really does work according to our faith, another huge lesson I have learnt during my two year service. 
Yesterday we were in Nago, north Okinawa, for companion exchanges, and just a few days ago it started to get a little cold. Less than a month left before I finish. This transfer I feel like I have become the best missionary I have been, yet at the same time felt the most adversity and temptation. There hasn't been a greater need to rely on the Lord than now, but doing so is always more worth that not!
My companion is sick as. We dendo. He picked up on the Australian habit of saying "as" and has been practicing it very diligently. We taught a blind as guy, ate at K-Fry which was expensive as, ate with an American as family, and my iPad is lost as in Fukuoka.

Photos are good, and self-explanatory.

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