Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly samuku nacchatta Mail

The second year of my mission was significantly better than my first, my last 6 months was better than that, my last 3 months was even better, and now I'm in my last 3 weeks and so far it's looking like it'll be better than the rest! 
The work is going great, we are teaching lots of people, four of them have Baptisimal dates. It's amazing how much work the Lord can really do through us, through our faith. We have been wanting and praying to find young people and now all of our investigators are younger than 30 - two are young teenagers that are really fun to teach! 
I have really come to be concerned about Japan - I want to adopt Japanese kids and bring them up in the Gospel so they can serve here and baptize, because we need more young people in the Church!
We had a specialized training yesterday that the Mission President came to and gave the Training he gave at MLC, I translated it again (this time it was only 3 hours), but it's incredible how much the Spirit can inspire and change us if we open our minds and hearts to it. My bean-chan Elder Reed was there too, seeing him completed my life.

Photos: Elder Reed & Taunisila at Specialized Training, preparing some vegemite treats for our English Class, Elder Keikyu (who I was in Nobeoka with a year and a half ago) and I after last week's Mission Leader Council (MLC), me and my coat during our three days of Antarctic-like weather, and then Elder Yamanashi (the other Okinawa ZL), Elder Bowler and a I on the plane to MLC.

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