Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekly Junkai Mail

Pretty busy this week! We had two companion exchanges, with two different districts. Lots of running, during one exchange we rode too far and ended up in my area and found 3 new investigators but we didn't realize it was my area until after, and during the other exchange we passed a house with two cars thinking, "perfect, a family, looks like the father is home too," so we knocked on its door and two of our favourite members opened up - a surprise for both of us!
We had a conference with Elder Choi of the Seventy, and it couldn't have come at a better time for me. I went with the questions, "How can I be a more focused & consecrated missionary," "How can I be a harder worker?" and "How can I benefit more in my future from my mission?"
Pretty generic questions but they all have a deeper meaning to me, as in they related to specific things I needed help with, and they were all answered! As soon as we started I was filled with peace and my troubles were literally swept away. I have decided to make sure that I am a 100% obedient missionary, as opposed to a 99% obedient missionary and my companion and I have committed to sing to people during finding (I'm still tone deaf but we're getting good at A Child of God in both languages). Last night we were able to sing to an old couple who seemed to really enjoy it!
A new stake president and Ward mission leader have been called in the American stake/Ward that we attend so we are hoping and planning for our work with Americans to pick up this week and next - something that I've been repentant about lately because up until recently I haven't given as much effort & love to the American side as I have to the Japanese side here in Okinawa. To start things off we have our first American family meal appointment this week, who knew that as a missionary in Japan I'd be able to experience the American culture too! Maybe I'll even put on a few kilos. Eh, unlikely.
Here are some photos of Elder Ngatai and I, one of the missionaries I went on exchanges with, during our dinner break.

Love, Elder Wheeler

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