Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Urata Mail

I killed off Elder Richards and now my new companion Elder Urata and I have been enjoying the heat & miracles here in Okinawa.

Before Elder Richards (and Elder Malen who was in our apartment this past transfer too) left we had a surprise farewell party with a bunch of members, and another after Seminary - which we attend weekly. Had some fun at the beach and rode a Ferris wheel so there will be a lot of photos this week.

Elder Urata is a super hard worker, and I thought I was but this transfer is going to be way different to previous ones, I've already noticed some great changes in our contacting and lessons. He is pretty much fluent in English, so yesterday when we had Stake Conference for the military branches he didn't have much of a problem listening all in English.

On Thursday we were riding our bikes and as we finished talking to someone who almost accidentally missed the bus for taking a Book of Mormon (失礼します), an American came over to us telling us how surprised he was to see Missionaries in Okinawa! He told us he was a member but hadn't been to Church for a long time, but that he wanted us to meet his friend who was waiting in the car, so we met Yui, a Japanese girl, who wanted a Japanese Book of Mormon and had some questions about Church & our Eikaiwa class. We switched on and off with English & Japanese and swapped phone numbers with them. The first thing we did when they drove off was pray & thank Heavenly Father for that miracle.

Remember last week's Eikaiwa-flyer-miracle? We had another, as Elder Urata and I were at the Church doing weekly planning two older women came asking about our Eikaiwa class, but one asked us to take them on a Church tour and had a lot of questions about Church doctrine, the program, and so on. They said they'd like to come again. I feel like God is preparing so many people, and guiding them to things that will help them have a change of heart & come into Christ.

Loving my mission.

Photos: Elder Urata & I, last photo with Elder Richards & Malen before they left, beach photo (water is still my one weakness as you can see), and Elder Richards & I on the Ferris wheel.

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