Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekly Mismash Mail

Great week!
This morning we went to Seminary and had a party for a few peoples'
birthdays. Had dinner with the Oshiro family and then another with the Heugly couple. We talked about mission experiences and with my companion going home next week we've been talking a lot about preparing to finish and preparing to start "normal life" as some would call it. It's really made me think about how much I really want these principles & habits that I'm living every day to sink in and be absorbed, not so that I don't "fall away," but more so that this mission experience can be a like training ground of what I want next.
I still have quite a bit of time, but it's been good to have this realization so I can really sink myself into the person and disciple of Christ that I want to be from now on. It's still hard and I'm still imperfect of course, but the peace I feel from righteous living isn't anything I want to give up, and that's probably the greatest thing I've learnt on my mission, along with recognizing the Spirit & why people shouldn't live here. 'Cause it's crazy humid. But I love it!

Also I've been reading "Eternal Marriage Institute Manual," never too late to start preparing, right?

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